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What does the Department of Regional Collaboration Do?

The Department of Regional Collaboration serves as the liaison between the Office of the County executive and public sectors, private sector and non-profit partners. In this role, the focus is on fostering improved efficiency and collaboration through economic development, shared services and other modes. Regional Collaboration is a primary driver in removing the “silos” between county government, stakeholders and the public. In addition, Regional Collaboration has a role as internal liaison between county departments and with County Council on behalf of the Executive.

Key Goals:
  1. Promote an environment of collaboration within Cuyahoga County amongst local and county governments and strategic partners
  2. Serve as a liaison on behalf of the Executive with both, internal and external, partners in matters of governmental and community affairs
  3. Coordinate key stakeholders on major projects and initiatives
  4. Advocate on behalf of the Executive on policy with the public and strategic partners
  5. Engage and support local elected officials on matter related to the county’s purview

Key Projects & Initiatives:

  1. Increasing municipal participation in shared services by promoting efficiency and working closely with local elected officials
  2. Assisting the Office of the County Executive and other departments on expanding and improving county-provided services
  3. Convene key stakeholders on policy-specific matters within public safety, public works, human resources, finance, transportation, etc.
  4. Create and implemented the Public Works Shared Services Program to help mitigate municipal costs on service equipment
  5. Supporting local collaborative projects such as the Northfield-Warrensville (Van Aken) Project, Walton Hills-Sagamore Hills Joint Economic Development District, Regional 9-1-1 Dispatch, etc.
  6. Serving as the point of contact between the county and our local, state and federal legislators and liaisons to advance the county’s interests in state and federal legislation, policies and funding opportunities