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Business Attraction & Anti-Poaching Protocol

On September 13th, 2011, Cuyahoga County circulated the Cuyahoga County Business Attraction and Anti-Poaching Protocol.

The Business Attraction and Anti-Poaching Protocol represents the first step in a new era of regional collaboration and communication. The protocol seeks to establish a commitment by the mayors, managers, and trustees of Cuyahoga County to:
  1. Identify an economic development contact person and participate in efforts to establish a “one-stop shop” for businesses considering location or expansion in Cuyahoga County;
  2. Not actively pursue the re-location of a business located in another participating community that has not indicated a desire to re-locate;
  3. In instances where the business has not given notice and does not object, notify the mayor, manager or trustees of a home community when a business contacts the undersigned to discuss an intra-county re-location; and
  4. Offer to discuss the re-location, if asked, with the mayor, manager or trustees of the home community and, if asked and without committing to revenue share, have a discussion about the possibility of a revenue sharing agreement with those officials.
Cuyahoga County believes this protocol is an important step in encouraging our communities to work together on economic development and to compete against the world, rather than each other.  The protocol is not a panacea, nor does it address all the challenges our communities face but it will send a strong message that the communities of Cuyahoga County are moving in a new and positive direction and seeking new approaches to economic development.  


As of August 3, 2016, 55 communities have renewed signatories to the Business Attraction and Anti-Poaching Protocol.

2013 NACo Achievement Award

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