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County-Provided and Municipal Shared Services

Cuyahoga CountyStat is a well-organized, data-driven accountability system that is used as a decision-making and communications strategy. The county measures performance in order to start a conversation about why. Asking difficult questions helps us achieve our purpose: to gather and report on accurate and timely data; guide the allocation of resources; develop effective goals and objectives; allow for the continual monitoring of progress on measures; and demonstrate accountability and transparency. Through this strategy, the organization is methodically examining every function and using benchmarks and recognized best practices to become more flexible and more effective. Modeled after CitiStat, originally implemented in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, CountyStat expands the strategy to a broader stroke of government services, including 19 agencies or departments plus the County Board of Health, County Planning Commission and Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Board. The strategy is now being applied to Justice System Reform as well. County Executive FitzGerald implemented CitiStat as Mayor of Lakewood.