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Press Releases

9/12/201245 Communities Endorse Business Attraction and Anti-Poaching Protocol
9/10/2012Cuyahoga County Assists Cities in Regionalism Effort
6/1/2012Merger/Shared Services Study Grant Awarded
1/11/2012Study Suggests Consolidating 911 Systems to Cut Cost to Taxpayers

In The News

12/21/2012Parma and five counties look to share information technology
12/12/2012Chagrin Falls Village Council adopts anti-poaching protocol
12/6/2012Regional Cooperation Agreements in Economic Development
11/27/2012FitzGerald Envisions Future Where County Provides Most Services
11/15/2012Live Chat with Ed Jerse
10/28/2012No more anti-poaching holdouts
10/12/2012Highland Heights joins county's anti-poaching protocol
10/9/2012Mayfield Heights City Council agrees to join protocol agreement
9/22/2012Highland Heights looking favorably on joining protocol
9/15/2012A smarter Cuyahoga County takes shape under amateur mapmakers
9/13/2012Communities sign on to be part of a new business program
9/13/2012FitzGerald updates anti-poaching effort
8/18/2012Merge cities, redraw the Cuyahoga County map
8/18/2012Redraw Cuyahoga County to erase duplication and save money
7/26/2012Study plods forward into municipal merger
7/17/2012Beachwood set to sign Cuyahoga County anti-poaching agreement
7/15/2012Merger of 4 eastern suburbs under study, not ready for ballot
7/12/2012Anti-poaching deal should be signed in Highland Heights and Mayfield Heights
6/22/2012City Council gives go-ahead to business attraction
6/21/2012Beachwood will run Pepper Pike dispatch services
6/18/2012All layered up
6/15/2012North Royalton latest city to agree to anti-poaching protocol
6/14/2012Report pushes shared services
6/5/2012Strongsville gives green light on anti-poaching agreement
6/4/2012Sutherland wants Bay to sign county anti-poaching pact
6/2/2012County offers services in pursuit of regionalism
6/2/2012Eastside Suburbs Granted $50,000 for Joint Dispatch Study
6/1/2012Northeast Ohio governments awarded grants to pursue shared-services
5/31/2012Shaker Heights eliminates sewer department
5/30/2012Residents Show Strong Support for Sustainability
5/27/2012Playing Ball
5/24/2012Mayor wants Strongsville to sign anti-poaching agreement
5/24/2012Bay Village considers adopting anti-poaching plan
5/24/2012Fire study nearly complete on suggestion to merge services in Shaker Heights, University Heights
5/23/2012New policy will offer guidance to Cuyahoga County police departments
5/22/2012Cuyahoga County Council debates what to do with newfound casino money
5/22/2012Regional collaboration a necessity
5/19/2012Transit executive in Chicago takes top job as Greater Cleveland planner
5/15/2012Counties seek Internet connection
5/7/2012County executives talk economic development, collaboration
5/6/2012Official makes progress on no-poaching initiative
5/2/2012Consortium wants to revitalize Northeast Ohio
5/1/2012Organizing NE Ohio's quest for regional unity: editorial
4/30/2012Cuyahoga County Health Project Launches
4/30/2012Cuyahoga County kicks off Health Alliance
4/27/2012County joins community partners and cities for health project
4/24/2012Consortium will address harm caused by suburban sprawl
4/3/2012County signs eight more communities to anti-poaching pact
3/23/2012Brecksville Plans to Join Anti-Poaching Agreement
3/21/2012Broadview Heights officials agree to Cuyahoga County anti-poaching protocol
3/21/2012Columbus, suburbs announce no-poaching agreement
3/14/2012County seeks grant, has merger in focus
3/1/2012County director of collaboration urges City Council to support anti-poaching protocol
2/10/2012Kent State Releases Case Studies on Northeast Ohio Collaborative Efforts
2/9/2012Orange Village council studies Woodmere police contract
2/5/2012Collaboration holds promise in Cuyahoga County: Tim DeGeeter
2/3/2012FitzGerald making opportunities for county, cities to work together
2/1/2012FitzGerald Pushes For More Regional Government In State Of The County Speech
2/1/2012Cuyahoga County exec FitzGerald looks to lead consolidation of gov't services
1/30/2012South Euclid Mayor Georgine Welo elected president of Cuyahoga County Mayors and Managers Association
1/16/2012Euclid resident named NOACA Board president