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Cuyahoga County Council To Hold Hearing On The County's Finances

Cleveland - The Cuyahoga County Council’s Finance and Budget Committee will hold a public hearing to discuss the County’s Finances, Budget and Debt Capacity on Monday, April 6, 2015 at 1:00 PM.

“With the recent discussion of the County’s finances, it is important that we hold a public hearing to review, question, and verify information about the County’s budget and debt capacity” said Chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee Dave Greenspan.

“Reviewing and approving the County’s budget is one of the main responsibilities of County Council. We need to analyze the information and publicly discuss our findings” added Council President Dan Brady.

The hearing will take place in the C. Ellen Connally Council Chambers on the fourth floor of the County’s Administrative Headquarters located at 2079 East Ninth Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44115.