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Why anti-poaching protocol matters for Cuyahoga County: Ed FitzGerald

Ed FitzGerald, Plain Dealer Guest Editorial, Saturday, October 15, 2011

Throughout my campaign for county executive, I argued that the communities of our county need to stop competing against each other and start competing against the world. True economic development means expanding existing businesses and attracting new ones, not simply moving a business from one community to another within the county.

The protocol asks communities to do four things: (1) identify your economic-development point person and submit information to a central database; (2) agree not to "poach" businesses in other participating communities -- in other words, do not try to lure businesses that have not expressed a desire to move; (3) if the business does not object, notify the home community when approached by a business contemplating an intra-county move; and (4) agree, if asked, to discuss the relocation and the possibility of a revenue-sharing agreement with the home community.

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